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Volunteering Group


There is a special, behind the scenes group that enhances the care given to residents of the medical care facility. That group is the IMCF Auxiliary. Founded in December of 1977, the auxiliary’s main duties consisted of feeding and passing refreshments to the residents, pushing wheel chairs, writing letters, reading letters, answering call bells, aiding with therapy, and even lighting resident cigarettes. 

A lot has changed with regards to resident care since the late 1970’s, but one thing that has not changed is the importance of the auxiliary. The auxiliary is asked to wear many different hats throughout the year, but never is a complaint heard from them. Resident wellbeing is still a major focus. Monthly birthday parties, various holiday events, bake sales, bazaars, rummage sales, hair care, recreational therapy, mobilization of residents, and the like are just a few of the duties performed by the auxiliary. The IMCF Auxiliary is also extremely instrumental in helping pass the various county mileages which are used to help pay for employee benefits. These benefits help maintain a stable work force at the facility which ultimately leads to better resident care. 


As one can see the IMCF Auxiliary is an invaluable asset to the county. Without them, the Iosco County Medical Care Facility would be lacking. However, the auxiliary is only as good as its volunteers. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer, please contact Pam Pfundt at ppfundt@ioscomcf.orgor call (989) 362-4424.

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