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Home Nurse Making Bed


Skilled Nursing Care 24 hours per day seven days per week



Cable TV hook-up in each room


Televisions are available for viewing in the dining/day rooms. Personal televisions are also allowed in the residents’ rooms. Cable TV is available for a minimal charge. 


Extensive exterior walkways, with seating areas, raised planting beds, and views to the woodlands and natural areas


Nutritious meals served in a family setting


Planned activities on site with community involvement


Computer and Internet access



At each nurses’ station there are portable phones for residents to receive telephone calls. There is also a resident phone booth for privacy with volume control. If a resident would like a personal phone in his/her room, the resent or responsible party must contact the billing office for information. 


Room Configuration

To ensure that all resident rooms are free of fire, health and safety hazards, the facility has established guidelines on room configuration and the amount and size of furniture it can accommodate. The state of Michigan’s Nursing Home Rules and Regulations require the facility to maintain adequate and proper space around the bed. To the extent possible, the facility will accommodate resident’s belongings and furniture. 


Item’s Permitted in Resident’s Room

  1. Personal televisions are permitted. Sizes of televisions permitted vary depending on its location in the facility. Contact us for details. 

  2. One TV stand to accommodate TV only if needed/necessary. 

  3. One Table top oscillating fan no larger than 16”

  4. On standard size straight chair or recliner

  5. One dresser; size not to exceed 32” wide, 16” dee, and 48” tall. 

  6. One telephone. Resident is responsible for connection and all costs and fees. Contact us for details. 

  7. One computer if space permits

  8. Electric razor


Housekeeping and Laundry Services


Faculty Laundry services, which included residents’ personal clothing, are provided at no extra charge within the facility. All clothing must be marked with a laundry marker. Any belongings not marked by family will be marked by the facility, if requested: this includes glasses, hearing aids, dentures, radios, clothing, etc. All clothing must be of wash and wear material. Any specialty laundry services such as dry cleaning, are not available at the facility. Unless the family indicates, all clothing will be washed by the laundry department. Although a family may elect to launder the residents clothing, the facility reserves the right to launder items that present an infection control risk. 


Beauty and Barbershop services


Interfaith Religious Services in Facility Chapel

Extensive Volunteer Involvement


Our maintenance personnel are available around the clock. They are responsible for providing security and keeping the building its grounds and equipment in good working order. All electrical appliances, such as televisions, fans, air conditioners, radios, etc. brought into the facility need to be checked by maintenance prior to putting them in resident’s rooms. 

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