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Holding Hands


Making the decision to move into a new home is difficult for both the resident and the family involved. Often, the placement is made following an acute problem needing hospitalization. Placement may be temporary or indefinite, but either way a sense of loss and adjustment is faced by the resent and their family. The Social Worker within the Facility are prepared to assist with this adjustment, as well as monitor and assist throughout the residents stay here for psychological and psychosocial needs. 


The facility has a trained professional licensed social worker that specialize in gerontology. They wear many hat’s within the facility and always strive along with other staff, to assure residents rights and quality of life. 


Our Social Service Department works closely with Mental Health Services, Home, Health, Hospice, Optical, Dental and other various community resources to guarantee the highest quality of life for the residents whether they make the facility their permanent home or return to independent living. 


Acting as a liaison between the family, the resident and the facility, the social worker will often help with resident advance directive, issues, concerns, or educating the family in regard to medical issues. Whatever the task may be, the social worker is there to assist. 


We invite you to stop and visit or call with any question you may have.

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